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wi-fi access europe

jo scott

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Hi - we are off for another jaunt - destination undecided but probably northern italy then back clockwise through france - or may just keep going down through italy to greece.


wherever, we need good internet access as i manage a number of websites for various people.


i've stumbled across JiWire Hotspot Helper as an identifier of public hotspots but as i would prefer to be wild camping and not lugging a laptop through cities and towns, has anyone found a reliable and not prohibitively espensive way off being on-line , out of town?


The odd campsite wouldn't be a problem - are european sites more up to speed with wifi than UK? B-) B-)

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Randonneur - 2008-01-14 7:10 PM


donna miller - 2008-01-14 6:43 PM


Most McDonalds have wifi access and it's usually free. (you might have to buy a drink or something to get a code though)'


Used a few of McDougalls and you don't need any code. Just switch on and go.


Also I should have said, that we have parked outside one of their oulets in Orleans and picked up their WiFi so you don't even have to be in their building.

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I do believe jo if you look through the search facility there was a thread on the cheapness and 3 g cards .


Some of the others dont look on chatterbox so you may like to ask again on the m/home matters forum . I know I have seen a tread for this very subject.


Good luck.

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