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Swift Fiat Sundance 630L


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As my family grows, I have started to see our Ci rear bunk model get a little cramped. I am therefore toying only toying (but thats dangerous for me) of changing nessie. Despite the four new tyres and alloy wheels I have just invested in her.

I am looking at the possibility of the forementioned MH. I would like something with a rear lounge as well as a dinette, I would also like it to be 2.8 and on a fiat. I have narrowed it down to the above model due to it's size only being approx a ft longer than what I have. The model is an 04 with only 9k £26995 from a well known national dealer that has mixed reviews.

Sorry to ramble but I have a couple of questions.

Does anyone have this type of MH that would care to comment on living with one?

Does anyone know of similar models that may be suitable? I have thought about a CI 181 but think that the swift looks far more plusher.


Lastly whats the best way to sell in peoples experience. In an Ideal world I would like to drive mine down to the dealer, PX it and them give me enough to raise a nice deposit.

In reality I susspect that I may get more selling private but don't like the hassall that goes with it.

What I really do not want to do is end up being without a MH for any length of time. If I was to sell privately and then be stuck to find one.

Any help apprieciated. As I said I am only toying with the idea, I like my MH but just feel I could do with a little more room.


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we have an ace firenze which is the same van as a630l and we really like it. it is a great layout with the rear lounge where you can escape to.

we have been to europe about ten times in the last three years that we have owned it and have had no problems with it and we even get a half decent mpg out of it at about 22/26.

any questions feel free to ask

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Hi there Panagah

Our first motorhome was a Riviera 181, and we swapped it for our current Bessacarr E695 (not the current one) both of which have a similar layout of rear lounge, front dinette and overcab double.


To be honest, the CI didn't suit us that well. We found the seats too firm for comfort, and while the huge table in the rear was great for meals it got in the way when trying to lounge around (and was too heavy and bulky to shift out of the way). The seats in the rear lounge were too short to lie on, so the only option there was for a double bed - with all that fuss about clambering over one another to get to the loo at night.


The overcab double was a good size, but as it was fixed it got in the way when moving to and from the living area. Ours was a 2001 model, and details of the layout (kitchen and wardrobe in particular) wasn't that well thought out.


Although Bessie is older (1998 model) we find it much more comfortable. It's as near as damnit to the Sundance 630L by the way. Instead of a U shaped rear lounge, it has two long parallel sofas and that most brilliant of inventions - a chest of drawers with flip-over table - between them. As far as I know, only Swift and Lunar do this, and we find it essential for the way we use the 'van. So - there's a choice between two instantly-ready singles or one large double at the rear.


The overcab double is not that spacious, but pushes out of the way during the day - later models could well have a better Luton I guess. Overall, we've found the Bessacarr to be much more comfortable, better thought-out and of higher quality than the Riviera it replaced (although the build on that was perfectly acceptable).


We use our 'van mainly as a two berth, and very occasional a four-berth. The CI would win here as it has four seat belts in the rear. The front dinette is handy for breakfast, and the rear for evening meals (don't ask me why, that's just the way we do it!).


I can't make a fair comparison on driving, as the Riviera was on the Fiat maxi chassis and Bessie has the Alko. The Alko is way, way nicer to drive but I don't think your 04 Sundance will have this.


Anyway, we now know that this is the layout that definitely works best for us. In addition to Swift (and Ace and Bessacarr, of course), I know that Lunar, Elddis and Autotrail also do rear lounge/front dinette models, but as I said it's that central chest of drawers/table that does it for us.




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Thanks very much for the answers.

Having looked at the possibilties, I think for the time being nessie will have to stay with us. I am going ot upgrade her slightly. When I have cleaned her out following our recent trip I can't believe how much we still like her. I think the rear lounge option will have to wait a couple of years.

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