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Base vehicle servicing

Mel B

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Can anyone remember when MMM published the details of garages in the various counties that are able to do base vehicle servicing. I've had a shuftie through my back issues but can't seem to find it.


My usual garage can't get it inside and, although in the past he's serviced my other motorhomes 'outside' using his external hydraulic lift, that's usually been when the weather was a bit more pleasant so understandably he doesn't want to do it in early February!


Any ideas? We're located in Cottingham, near Hull.



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I used this company for the last service and they were superb. Came and collected the van at agreed time, took it away, serviced it and then rang to say they were returning it and delivered it back to our home all within about 7 hrs and guarenteed to use genuine parts. All this a lot less than dealership price (About 30% less at least)and no void to warranty etc under new regulations. Service book is all stamped up as well

You get a guarenteed price before you agree to service and that is fixed. I can thoroughly recommend them and will certainly use them next time it's due.

Try them for a quote: http://www.prestigecarservicing.com/


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Mel B:


There was a 'motorhome-friendly garages' MMM article in the March 2007 issue, pages 185 - 190. (There may be a more recent version, but as MMM graphic designers keep beggaring about with the layout of the contents-pages I couldn't spot it!)


Maple Garage, Sproatley, Nr Hull (Tel: 01964 670392) was the only entry for East Riding of Yorkshire.

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surely a man of your stature derk my biddy can cope with a two-page contents page in a magazine that reaches nearly 400 pages. Alice tho as trouble with the index me ansums. cant find cak parently - i tells her i'll go an look in the orchard.

keeps er quiet for five minutes while i goes off fer a woodbine.



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In March 2007 MMM the "Motorhome Friendly Garages" article was listed in the "Special Features" section of the MMM-Contents pages. In MMM July 2007 the MMM-Contents pages contained no "Special Features" section and this section has never reappeared. (Whether this means that the features in MMM post-June 2007 are all 'special', or that none of them are, I don't know.)


My limited supply of altruism is always in competition with my considerable supply of impatience, so it doesn't take much to dissuade me from searching through the MMM contents-pages listings in the hope that I might spot a later Motorhome Friendly Garages article in one of the other sections (presumably it would now turn up in "MMMotorcaravanning Matters"). To be honest, the July2007-onwards MMM-Contents page-layouts are more logical than the old ones, though, in this particular instance, the change has proved unhelpful as far as I'm concerned.

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It's always worth checking with your local garage - I was was delighted to find that my local Skoda dealer (yes, I am a Skoda driver too!) could fit my m/h on their ramp.


Slightly off-topic:


They have serviced and MOT'd the van for the last couple of years, but it was our own stalwart, Dave Newell, who pointed out that my spare tyre was 12 years old when he did the habitation check this week!


It's slung under the van out of sight (how stupid!) but although is in good condition and holding the correct pressure, I wouldn't like to drive any distance on it.


Begs the question whether the garage should have spotted that *-)

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They're probably not aware of the age issue with tyres. Being a car garage they will almost never see tyres that are very old so probably don't even know about the date coding on tyres. Your spare had a date code of 313 which means it was manufactured in week 31 of 1993 making it 14 and a bit years of age.



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Hi Guys


Just to let you know that the 'van had it's first service today. It was done at Evans Halshaw at Beverley, a Ford Transit specialist dealership so they were able to do the recall checks as well and the service (using proper Ford parts of course!). Cost - £150.00 inc VAT. Very happy with it, nice people and if we go back to them next year for the service they guarantee to keep the price the same, not bad me thinks.


Not sure the maximum size of vehicle they can take but as ours is 7.14 metres plus bike rack and stands around 2.95 metres tall it must be pretty big, I know the doors are over 3 metres wide as well as they had to ask someone when I booked it in. They used their MOT bay as this is the biggest they have.


Also, if the 'van is involved in an accident and it's not our fault, there is a phone number to ring and they will come out, wherever we are in the UK, and recover the vehicle for us free of charge!!!


Details of them where to find them/contact number:


Evans Halshaw

Beck View Road


HU17 0JT

Phone 01482 866900


I don't know if they do other vehicles but I would think they could, worth asking them.

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