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Broken Window advice please...


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Hi all

part 2 of the window saga.


The other day I discovered the side window of my 1994 Elddis Autoquest 320 is cracked on the inside. The caravan style one with the twisty knob to lock the arms. I thoughht it might of been the frost but the dealer suggests a football. ANY IDEAS?


Any who - the dealer says it doesn't come under my warranty although I have no documentation saying yes or no but I can see his point if it was damaged rather than faulty. However he says a new window might cost £200 - should I shop around for a used one or get new? Should I talk to the insurancec company - anyone have any experience that way?


Anyone know any good caravan breakers in Northern Ireland?

Thanks Phantom


P.S. This is not my actual van but it's the same model showing the window.


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