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Kid friendly sites near the Italian lakes


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Hi all!


We're hoping you'll be able to help us out.


At the moment we're planning our summer holiday and fancy camping at the Italian lakes.


At the moment we're crossing by the tunnel and driving down through France, cutting through Switzerland and entering Italy from the north - but we need some info and recommendations on camp sites around the lakes area.


Our children are 7 and 5.


We've never been to Italy before so your help would be invaluable.




Scott & Jeanette

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Hi Scott & Jeanette


Angie and myself are just planning to go to Italy ourselves, using the swiss route. We have been told by a friend who has a house down there to go via Belguim, Luxenburg and the top corner France into Switzerland because it would be cheaper than paying toll's on French motorway's. Not sur how true that is, maybe some one on here can confirm. We got our (rough) route from RAC web site using Brussels, Luxenburg and Bern as refrence points through to Milan.


So far though all we can find are large sites and are still looking for some smaller ones.


We are off at the end of June, hope you enjoy your trip



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we've been round the Italian lakes a few times.

The western lakes Maggiore, Como have very little flat ground and camping sites are few and far between and very busy in the peak season and you probably need to book.


lake Garda has alot of flat ground towards its southern end and there are loads of camp sites amd most child friendly, we stayed at Camping La Rocca between Bardolino and Garda on the lakeside with lake access and about a 15 min walk into Garda for the lake cruisers.


Google campsites on the areas you're interested in, the italian tourist offices are very helpful. Alan Rogers and eurocamp give a few major sites.


As far routing, yes Luxembourg, germany avoid the toll roads, fill up in Lux with cheap fuel. Maybe cross the mountains via a scenic route, depends on time etc


cheers alan

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We have stayed many times at Lake Garda -Riva del Garda.




It's a **** campsite and in my opinion Riva is the best end of Lake Garda, much more picturesque. It's a good site for kids as it has a pool, bbq areas a small restaurant come shop and it's not to far a walk to the lake itself.


There are campsites right on the lake side but these we only poked our heads into and found them much to cramped.


From the lake you can pay to take the water taxi, whereby you pay a small fare and you can travel down the lake getting off at any stop. There is Malcesine, which has a revolving cable car that goes up to the top of the mountain. At the bottom of the Lake there is Garda world, a water park.


Have a look at



Although I don't think it sells Lake Garda very well.


Also if you have a route finder put in the toll free route - it will save you about £100+ each way. If you go through Austria beware of the new road tolls you will have to pay. You will also need to buy a road tax which costs about £8.


Also be very aware of the Switerland route as border crossing was anything but 'welcome to Switerland' You will need to pay a tax upon entering depending on how much you weigh and how long you want to stay. For this you will need to take your registration document. We passed through for the one day and it cost £24 approx.


Still I can't recommend Riva enough.



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