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Reffillable Tanks in Netherlands


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Having just read in MMM a comment from the Technical side of the C&CC that it was illegal to fill habitation gas tanks at gas stations in the Netherlands I wonder if anyone on the forum has come across this problem. If true then the obvious cure is to fill up before entering the country, but if doing a long tour in the country it could be a problem for some.
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There have been all sorts of rumours circulating the European motorhome forums for some time now. It seems if you have a refillable bottle/tank with an external filling point you should not have any problems. I think problems could arise for the people with their filling point located inside the gas bottle locker.


This German gas site http://tinyurl.com/2xr9qb spells it out. I did contact a German friend who stated


"The whole fuss has started about a year ago, probably kicked off by a competitor of Wynen-Gas who wanted to take over some of their market share.


And in a typical act of German bureaucracy, the powers that be have decided that it is not legal to refill gas bottles that are not firmly attached to the vehicle. Unless you carry a lot of certificates with you.


I am however quite sure that part of the blame is on Wynen's side as well, as the respective regulations are decades old, and Wynen has probably been a bit sloppy with the paperwork."


So you pay your money and take your chances. I've had my refillable bottle for nearly five years now and have filled up all over Europe with no problems at all.


Safe travelling.




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Guest Tracker

Might it pay to approach the pump from the blind side of the cashiers so that they can't see exactly what you are doing - might save an argument in a foreign land?


What the eye don't see, the heart don't grieve over!

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