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Talbot Gearchange.

Guest Gordon

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Ahhh I here the knowledgeable ones of you`s out there say,"you did`nt have trouble changing the gears did you with the stiring stick". Yes I did matter of fact,In France this year,2 weeks ago. 5th gear and reverse had gone.But I say,having aready looked at the linkage,previously when topping up the gearbox,I noticed that the yoke that connects to the gearbox output shaft was a we bit slack.See(MMM page 215 November 2004) Well yes It was now loose due to the Allen cap screw,(6mm tool)and lock nut having a party. So on tightening this screw up,what a differance it made to the floppy stiring stick,it stands to attention now and gears all returned. So any of you`s out there with a Talbot,Fiat,Citroen 2.5TD or D,give this screw a tighten. Or as I here others say,Delfin Designs for the none mechanicaly minded,yes ok. Will be looking into a new gearbox bush in the near future plus ball joints,of course !! Good Luck motorhomers, Including use lucky retirees. Gordon.
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