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Holidays anyone?

Mel B

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Okay, lets try to wake everyone up by mentioning the wonderful word:

H O L I D A Y !!!!!!!


Right, now I've got your attention, sit up straight - it's not a pretty sight you all slouched in your chair ... ah, that's better. Now, put the can of beer down, yes I DO mean YOU!!!!


Okay, I'll begin. For the first time we'll be using the Channel Tunnel, courtesy of Tesco's vouchers. We've got 2 holidays booked, one in May/June and one in August/September. The first to Holland and Germany (we were planning it waaaaayyyyy before you Dave, honest!). The second probably to somewhere in deepest darkest France. Other than that we've got nowt planned (with my luck I'll still be decorating until May!).


So come on, who's going where etc .....


Okay, you can have a sip of your beer first to refresh your little brain cells ... :D

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Guest JudgeMental


Antibes on the cote d'azur at Easter. Then meandering down to Lake Garda (again) for a month in the summer. Have 5 return deal with eurotunnel, used one a couple of weeks ago when we went to Brugge for a weekend. probably France again October half term and will then use last one at Christmas on a trip to the alps, if its snowing.


all being well probably going on another cruise but not until next Easter as we enjoyed Christmas one so much. but I am determined to make more use of van this year.



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As life is almost one long holiday now, I shall be off to Belgium for Easter break, allowing for 7 days to avoid travelling crowds.

Then we are off to Exmouth for another week's break.

Followed by 10 days around the Champagne area of France.

That will bring us back in time for a Scottish excursion of 14 days.

Must get ready for the USA trip then, starts around June 20th, back from S Carolina around July 11th, with a few hundred miles in between.

Home in time for the weekends away with biker club.

Their main event will be in Yorkshire for Aug Bank Hols, and m/homes allowed nowadays.

Got to check out the plans for Irish trip in Sept.

And after that, it'll be time for Wales for few days.

Still considering what is to follow, but will likely be in S. Africa for Christmas.

Must not let age get in the way of travelling.

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BGD - 2008-03-09 2:45 AM


Syd -


I trust you'll give us a shout when you are down here in Spain..........


:-D :-D



Will certainly try but my schedual is looking a bit tight at the moment, want to catch one of your shows if pos. People and places to see etc.


Had a long trip around Italy planned for this year but things have changed, that is probably next year now which is a bummer, Pompei, Rome and Pisa are my top destinations of course.

The America trip is the thing that is spoiling everything because we do not yet have a fixed date due to changes in the hospital timetable plus we do not yet know just how long we will have to wait there after the hospital treatment.

The real problem there is that the surgeon has pointed out some small things that we, in our ignorance, had overlooked that will have a significant bearing on time tables. Either way it will probably mean that the outcomes, while still be a vast improvement, will not be as good as we were hoping for which again is a bummer for Lee and us.

One major problem is that we had to have an artificial hip for Lee and we had it done in the UK. As usual they cocked it up and made the leg with the new hip one to one and a half inches shorter than the other hip and damaged a muscle that controls the hip somewhere so that leg flops around now and the American surgeon has to try and find a way of overcoming that, then there is the increasing swan necking of some of his fingers to be dealt with and so on and on it goes

Should be worth it when it is over though

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