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Where've you just been


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Anyone interested in starting a thread on where you've just been. Short & snappy, what you thought about a place, good sites & decent places to eat.

I'll start it off.


Just back from Cambridge. Saw most of the colleges. Wonderful old buildings. Went to Evensong at Kings College Chapel. Candles, choir - very atmospheric.


Would have liked to have had a punt on the river but ran out of time.


Stayed at Cherry Hinton site. Left the van on site and got the bus into town. Wouldn't recommend taking the van into town. Bikes everywhere.


Lots of tearooms and eating places. Difficult to choose where.


On the way down, to break the journey, we stayed at Clumber Park CC site. Not too busy. Lovely woodland. Lots to do if thats what you want. Had a very nice lunch at the Clumber Park Hotel.


I am ashamed to say that even though we are Derbyshire born and bred we had never been to the park before.

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Ok....where have we just been?



La Luna bar in a Spanish village called Alcalali.....just inland from Jalon, on the Costa Blanca, Spain. For my Saturday night gig there.



Lo sientio - estoy muy baracho (soz - I am very pissed), 'cos owners of bar are in Australia, and temp Managers gave me bucketloads of Baileys...and 3 packs of Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps - haha!!


The Sparkle has just retired; I shall very shortly copy this eminently sensible behaviour pattern....as soon as the electric blanket has warmed up.


Good night. We love you all.....etc etc etc.




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Did a very quick trip to Brownhills in Canterbury, to deliver my correct insurance certificate, as the one I had sent was last years !

Now on track for delivery of new 'van in 2 weeks.

The trip was most interesting, as I live just off the A 20, two sets of lights from M20, so quite handy for journies across the chanel, only that day, I was gratful I was not headed for Dover as operation Stack was in force, and the traffic jam was back to the Maidstone turn off.

Luckily I was on two wheels with 1800 cc propulsion, so delay was minimal, and certificate duly delivered to Brownhills within 40 mins of leaving home. *-)

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Went to the airport at Limoges to pick friends up but stopped the previous night at Oradour-sur-Glane.


This is the village that the Germans burned out and killed all 642 inhabitants including women and children on June 10th 1944. There is a new village now with a beautiful Aire. The old village is now a national monument and Rememberance centre. If anyone is in the area I would urge them to visit, there is no charge, we didn't realise until we got there how big the old village was. This is the link if anyone is interested.



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michele - 2008-03-09 12:48 PM




Is there an Aire there or a suitable place to stop ???can you stay for more than one night and is there enough to see for more than one .


The first time we went it was just for the day when we had visitors. But last time we stayed on the Aire at the new Oradour village, overlooking the football stadium/pitch. There are toilet facilities there and also a Borne but there is a charge on this for fresh water. We didn't go into the new village as we were only staying the night and visited Limoges which is only about 9kms away. You can walk around the old village by going through the Memorial Centre, that's the only way in. The Cemetery was closed when we visited but apparently it has photos of a lot of the families that were killed.


It is well worth a visit if you are in the area. We will definately return because you can't quite take in the scale of the atrocities that went on with just one walk around.


We didn't see any restrictions on the number of nights you can stay on the Aire and there was no-one to monitor when you were there. There is also a large visitors car park at the Memorial Centre and there were plenty of motorhomes on that.



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Bonjour, comment alle vous?


I have just got back from a weekend at the C&CC site at Woodhall Spa, I was on a working party helping to get it ready for opening on Thursday.

We had a good turn out, and despite the cold wind yesterday I think we got it all done!

Clear skies and no wind this morning to speak of, I had a good journey home and have just had a soak in the bath to ease my aching back - I was flattening mole hills and filling in rabbit scrapes!

Charles was TAing, so he has been slaving in a hot kitchen all weekend while I have been out in the fresh air...............


A bientot






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Thank you hopefully this year we will do a de tour down to you want to pop in a nd see Steve & jenny as well so we would like to see Orador especially as hubby has a big interest in the war me also especially the WW2 .Nothing like paying your respects is there .



Carol when are you going to take up your post or when should you start will you have intenet to keep us all informed ?

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