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I Remember When....

Guest Le Thou

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Only one coal fire in the house and waking up on a winters morning with ice on the inside of the bedroom window and having to get out of bed on to a cold lino floor. Used to take a blue brick to bed which had been warmed by the fire and wrapped in a towel to warm my feet.


The good old days eh 8-)

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J9withdogs - 2008-03-09 11:20 PM


Petrol was 50p a gallon. >:-(



When petrol went up from 4/6d to 4/9 a GALLON - and some people said they would give up their cars if ever it went above 5/- !, None of yer fancy foreign litre mullarky - we was British and we did it in GALLONS!



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Tar used to bubble up in the road and we used to burst it with a stick, then get into trouble for getting it on our white ankle socks.


When the local river froze so hard you could walk accross it for weeks.


We used to sit and make daisey chains


Put butter cups under our chins to see if we liked butter.


Played hopscotch and skipping in the street.


Carol. :-)



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