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Personally Maggie , I think the price for the Lincoln show is great value.


Not many places can offer 4 nights pitch with entertainment and a great exhibition all for £50 plus.


I love the lincoln show, if you get the weather it really is fantastic.


This years line up looks good too. Worth going just for the Diesel Cowboys. (lol) That's country B-)


Ps. My dad always pays the fee in exchange for my wonderful company and a roof over his head ;-)

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Maybe its because i remember it was only £21 + the sat show tickets for three nights last year where as this year its £56 + show tickets for those same three nights and yes it is a good venue and entertainment, but i might go down the road of a local cl/cs and pay day admission plus Sat show tickets this year.
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I might be mistaken my good friend? But I am sure that £56 includes your ticket for the Saturday night show this year. I think Warners have cottoned on to the fact that it is difficult to stop people watching an open air concert !!


Maybe the moderator can confirm this , But I am sure I read it some where?


I will investigate for my own peace of mind ;-)

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The Lincoln Show is famous for its fantastic entertainment that culminates in a stunning open air concert on the Saturday evening.


This year the hit West End Show,

Dancing in the Streets will take to the stage as Saturday evening's main act.



Enjoy classic Motown hits made famous by musical legends such as;

Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Jackson Five, Smokey Robinson

& The Miracles.


This spectacular main act will be supported by Hermans Hermits.




"""The cost of your concert ticket/s is included in the price of a camping pitch! """


If you're not camping on-site but want to enjoy this great show then pre-book your concert tickets today - you can book online by going to the 'booking' page or call 01733 391123 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm).




Adult - £19.00 Child (5 - 14yrs) £7.00



Pre-booking for concert tickets closes at 9am, on Monday 16 June 2008.

After this date concert tickets can be purchased at the event at the costs of Adult - £23.00, Child (5 - 14yrs) £9.00.

Tickets are subject to availability at the time of processing and are on a first come, first serve basis.


Whilst the Saturday show is no doubt the highlight of the weekend we also have a great range of entertainment acts appearing on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Get the best value from your break by camping with us for the whole weekend.



It states that the cost of the concert ticket is included in the pitch fee.


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Yes Peakepilote it does state that - but do a dry run on the booking form and it wants to charge £94 for two people for 3 days + sat night show. It states £56 for camping and £38 for the show Total £94. Maybe as you say Mr Moderator can clarify.(Or am i missing something and being thick)
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Hi all - the following is from our exhibitions department:


The ticket structure has changed this year and now INCLUDES the Saturday evening concert ticket. So the cost of a camping pitch will include: two adults and up to three children camping and two adults and up to three children's entrance to the concert. A bargain from £54.00!


If you are booking online there is no need to purchase separate entertainment tickets, just fill in the 'Camping Fees' and 'Camping Arrangements' boxes and this will include your entertainment tickets.


The 'Saturday Evening Entertainment' box allows campers to purchase additional concert tickets. It will also allow non-campers to purchase concert tickets by the end of March.


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