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windy weather

Brian Peters

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hello all, with all these high winds we are getting im finding that the bungie hooks are marking my van. The cover i have is just a roof cover, in my garage i have a lovely PROTEC FULL COVER for the motorhome but the problem is im restricted for space in my driveway and struggle to get to the offside of the motorhome when parked up which makes it hard to pass the straps under the van.

Hopefully we are moving to a house with a lot more parking space so my PROTEC cover will be ideal, but it might be quite some time before we actually move, in the mean time do i take off my roof cover to save the van from further damage or do i leave the cover on? do any of you leave your vans uncovered all year round, and if so do you get problems with your roof not being protected? my biggest concern is with hail stones which will turn my alluminium panels into something akin to a hammerite finish.

your thoughts would be apprieciated.



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I've had vans for almost 40 years and I've never garaged or covered one yet, and neither do most people!


I wash and polish the van very thoroughly every spring and then as needed in the rest of the year and have never had a problem to date with paint work fading, discolouration or any other kind of damage or deterioration.


The curtains and upholstery can fade with prolonged sunlight but prolonged sunlight is not much of an issue in a UK winter and a simple cardboard template inside any South facing windows stops most of it.


I really cannot see the need for a cover - but each to their own!

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