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Road Fund Duty


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Anyone know what the rate of duty will be next year for motohomes?


I hear on the radio Money Box Programme this morning 4X4s


registered after 2001 will pay £450.00 next year. These so called geen


taxes are just an excuse to grab more cash, to bale out an ailing


Goverment. If they need more money, why not charge the thousands of


continental lorries entering this country every week. They fill their extra


large fuel tanks before comming over, they travel the length of the country


and contribute nothing to the economy of this country, as most do not


buy one litre of fuel here, or any food, but they do leave plenty of litter for


us to clean up, especially half full plastic bottles of yellow liquid, it's not


whisky. Several years ago the government stated it was going to look at


charging them.


When our lorreis and coaches go over to the continent they have to pay


to use their roads, is this fair? How many 4X4s would it take to leave the


same cabon foot-print as one 44 tonne artic.


This country is a soft touch for everyone except the British tax payer.


PS. I will be writting letters to Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, and also


my local MP. I hope others will do the same.






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Just checked mine on DVLA website and it's still showing £180 PLG after "13 March 2008" The two small cars in the household have gone up £5 each to £120.


The really annoying thing for me about road tax is when I ordered my Euro IV engined vehicle it had a special rate of £120 but by the time it arrived in the UK the last money-grabbing Chancellor had changed the rules and I was hit with £180. So the message is that when they say "we want to change people's behaviour" through the tax system, what they really mean is they want to con people into going down a particular route so they can more easily hit them with a new tax in the future. I could have bought a new Euro III engined motorhome at the time and saved myself over £4,000 but we wanted to be more "green" and thought the £60 reduction in road tax would partly compensate us over a number of years. Yeah right, thanks a bunch Gordon.


Good point about the foreign lorries - time we stopped being so soft with them. I am always staggered how many are in every motorway service station and - presumably because of cheap fuel - non-refridgerated wagons that could have their engines off, don't. Even with the curtains drawn and the driver obviously on a rest break I see many with the engines on tickover, presumably just to heat the cab and power the satellite TV. At Warwick last week I got the only caravan bay that was not filled by Eastern European lorries. I counted four with their engines running when I arrived and all four were still on tick-over when I left 50 minutes later.




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fred don really care if they charge 2000 pounds for is motorhome tax my biddies cus it aint goin to stop im usin it. no way me ansums. but put up tax on is five tracters and thats a different story my luvvers. the cost of forum members baked beans cood go up drasticully. and if penberthy puts up is laber rate, well that wood be just disastrus.



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This was stated on the Money Box Programme this morning, for large vehicles first registered from 1/03/2001. To take efect from next year. Some are going up to £400.00 this year, for cars with emissions over 225, first reg. after 23/03/06.

Colin one of your 4X4s must be pre-1972, the other pre-1/3/2001

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One of the last conversasions I had with my father before he died was about VED, the papers and tv where saying "4x4's to have big tax increases" he got himself worked up about it and it took me some time to calm him down and explain it didn't apply to his car, I now get a bit narked with such sloppy reporting.

p.s. no second one doesn't produce much polution, but your right about first

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Ocsid - 2008-03-14 8:13 AM Is there any Road Fund Duty advantage in having a motorhome as opposed to towing a caravan with a plus 225 g/km CO2 car, following the budget?

Wouldn't have thought it would make any difference!

If the duty is £50 more or so it is only less than one tank of fuel. This is why the co2 measurements are such a complete nonsense. You have to ask what it is we are paying for? I believe it is the cost of keeping a record of the vehicle and the wages and pensions of thousands of civil servants. Not to mention the MP's expenses on their second homes!

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I'm confused by all this.


According to the dvla site the cost depends on whether you are registered as Private/Light Goods or Light Goods. Currently we pay £185 for our M/H which is a coach built under 3.5t registered after 2001.


If we were to change it would be be charged at band F (£210) PLG or £180 as a Light Goods Vehicle?


Anybody know?



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just spoke to denzil who is big in the cornish parliment me andsums.


small motorhomes £185 goin up tto £200 after april 2009 then up in line with infletion after that.


biggies £165 then banned from the road alltogether.


smallies registered as lgvs £180 then in line with the price of tomatoes.


eny questions then us will put em to denzil tomoorrow nite when ees let out.



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Am I missing something? How does charging high levels of VED help the planet. If I had to pay £400 a year VED I would be inclined to use my vehicle as much as possible in order to get best value from my money. I can understand to some degree a punitive charge on purchasing a high polluting vehicle in order to deter people from doing so, but having been bought and having paid out for insurance and VED there isn't much incentive to leave it sat on the drive....err except the fuel cost
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