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Price of fuel...


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You will also need a tank with a 110% bund, which basicly means apart from the tank to hold the fuel you need a cathment area 10% bigger than your tank in case it springs a leak, as well as health and safety equipment and training



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the site sounds good and cheap, is it good fuel? i do like the price. on the replies, it do seem illogical to store fuel, and the amount, but, if it's for your own use, not for resale, i wouldn't want to keep more than 50gal, probly my years usage :-) what is there in one of those barrels? one of those and a pump! is there a minimum buy? if you had a really large garden/garage?

is there a catch!

on the other hand! if you had propane in your house why can't you use it in your propane vehicle?

same idea for storing???

don't bite my head of for my ignorance

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Sadly it is a spoof


Go to the "about petrol direct" and you find:-


"At Petrol Direct we understand that you are interested in finding out as much as you can about our history and background model, primary because you've bothered to click on the link to this page and have so far made it down to the second paragraph without trying to find something more interesting to do.


Just in case you are an American, or possibly drive a car made by Suzuki (except for the new snazzy new Swift), we will spell the purpose of Petrol Direct out to you in simple terms. This is a spoof. A parody. We do not sell petrol or any other fuels, and certainly not plutonium or antimatter. Sorry. This site is strictly for laughs only."



So sorry! - you have been had!


But you are not the first.


As for using Propane in your house as well as in your car - yes it is my understanding that it can be done and is indeed one of my goals to move to a lace further out in the sticks where the central heating is by Flo-gas (a competitor to Calor and more "in-tune" with the concept of putting a connector on the gas tank so that my LPG powered vehicle can be run on it.


I understand that you have to declare usage to HMC&E and I would of course do this being a upstanding citizen that respects the politicians that swizzle us out of so much of our earnings.


There is a firm called Countrywide that in the SW will set this up for you - you get a key so that you can fill up at other Countrywide users and you get billed for your usage.


From what I hear - use of LPG from heating source costs about 18 p a litre.


But if you buy from another Countrywide user - the price is just a bit less than LPG at the normal outlets - but hey!!! - that is still less than half the cost of petrol and about 40% the cost of diesel!





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