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Alternative to Brownhills


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Hi All


Have got problems with the toilet flush not working, solenoid (see other posts) and I know there is a long waiting list at brownhills newark to get anything booked in.


Does anyone know of an alternative dealer who might be able to help?


Either in the north west area of Cumbria, Whitehaven, Workington etc




Anywhere in Newark area





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Try Barrons, now called Discover if I remember rightly. I always go to them for my parts now. My van is an Elddis and they stock parts for this. I do not know what other mkes they hold a stock of parts for so would give them a ring 1st. The branch I use is in Chorley. They are much faster and efficient in the way they deal with you than Brownhills.



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Hymer UK in Preston can carry out work they are part of the Brownhills Group. I have taken my Auto Trail to them and before that my Bessacarr. Best to tell them which part you require, then they can make sure its in stock, as most of their stock is for Hymer vans.

Dosn't matter if its under warrenty or not they can still do the job.

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