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My Jayco Motorhome conversion is on a 09/2007 Australian import 3 litre Ducato.

Apart from the water and other problems, mine blows a cloud of black exhaust smoke on changing gear.

The exhaust is clean other time -even when making it work hard going up hill.

Going uphill as soon as you change down to a lower gear and engage the clutch and re-accelerate out comes the black smoke.At this stage the engine loads up with so much fuel it almost stalls, and then eventually clears itself and away you go.

It will also do a similar thing when taking off from standstill and accelerating through the gears.

You can see the smoke in the external mirror and it is obvious to anyone following in another vehicle.

I doubt that I am the only one with this problem and would appreciate any feed back.

Regards,Bill Southport,Australia

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Sounds like the EGR valve sticking, or a programing fault in the ECU. Has your injector system warning light come on? You need to have the vehicle plugged into the service computer at your local freindly Fiat dealer, this should find any faulty component in the system,or programming problem. the fuel system is completely electronically controlled on these vehicles by the ECU. Good luck with it regards Geoff
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Thanks Geoff and others, for your interest in my problem.

The local Fiat dealer had the vehicle last week to carry out the recalls and I had drawn their attention to the smoke problem.

I can only presume that they plugged their computer into my vehicle, as I believe that is how they carry out the injector software upgrade.

Being Easter eve, I have got no chance of getting anything done now, and will return the Ducato to them next week.

In the meantime, we are away for the next 5 days and I hope that it doesn't stop altogether.

A Happy and Safe Easter to all,


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