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Spitfires,Hurricanes and Lancasters Flypast Anyone.


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Just in case anyone's in the vacinity of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire on the 13th of September, there's a flypast in honour of a group of Polish pilots who were all members of the 58 Operation Training Unit base at Grangemouth during the war. They helped us to win the Battle of Britain.

Many died during training but many went on to claim many "Kills".

A stone cairn and memorial garden is to be erected on the site of the former RAF Grangemouth Aerodrome.

One of the runways now a road used by hundreds of cars every day, may give us a clue to where we're looking for it.

News per Scottish Daily Mail, March 22nd.

Make a day of it and visit the private/volunteer railway at Boness for a nice day out.. Me I've got nothing to do with railways, really !!! Well I might be there..

Good Luck,


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Perhaps an equally fitting tribute to the Poles, and other countries sevice people, who " helped out" might be for "British" people to stop slagging off their decendants who arrive in this country to make a better life only to be met with abuse, intolerance and gagmasters and employers paying them low wages and expoiting them. >:-(
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