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Ducato Headlights


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Hi All


We came back from our easter break at Banham Zoo to Canvey Island through a blizzard which was bad enough but were further alarmed when the headlights, and possibly other lights decide to turn off and immediately back on again at irregular intervals as well.


We have an 06 reg Swift Sundance and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem. I have not had the bonnet up yet to have a look at the wiring/ bulb connections etc but I will give everything a good covering of WD40 for a start. as I said the weather was attrocious so I would,nt be supprise if water or snow had got in somewhere.


Any suggestions ?

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My 2006 Ducato 2.8 has had a dead wasp inside one of the headlights for ages... I have not looked to see if the plastic 'glass' is detachable, but I assume that it is.. and I might eventually take a look to find out how, so that the corpse can be removed..... I just wonder how it came to get in there..................maybe it was looking for a drink?
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Hi Dave,

Very worrying!

I once had a Fiat Tipo that would turn the headlights off when you turned the wipers on! Couldn't find a fix until one day a fine plume of smoke came out of the light switch on the column.

That will be no help to you though. Intermittent faults are notoriously difficult to find and this will probably be a bad earth, a loose fuse, a bad connection or some such. If you've tried all of these its back to the Fiat dealer I'm afraid. At least its under warranty.

Try and find one who employs a competent electrician (and they are rare as hens teeth). Your local auto electrician may know of a dealer who is of some use and will understand (perhaps) why you need it looked at under warranty.

Good luck.


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