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Who's in charge?

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When Adam was first created all the separate parts wanted to be in charge of the body.


The brain said that since it controlled everything and did all the thinking it was the natural leader and should of course be the boss.


The feet said that since they carried man where ever he needed or wanted to go and they were the ones to get the brain to where it wanted to be that they should be in charge.


The hands said that since they do all the work to earn the living to keep everything else going then they were best suited to be in charge.


And so the arguments raged on - the heart, the eyes, the ears, the lungs and so on.


Finally having waited patiently for it's turn the arsehole spoke up and stated quite categorically that it was really the one in full control.


The other parts all laughed at the very idea of an arsehole being in charge of such an important project.


This angered the arsehole so much that it just blocked itself off and shut down completely.


Soon the brain was feverish, the eyes crossed, feet unable to walk, hands unable to work and heart and lungs close to failure.


So all the other parts got together and pleaded with the brain to relent and let the arsehole be the boss.


And so it came to pass - in more ways than one.


All the other parts did all the work and the arsehole just gave orders and passed a lot of crap.


The moral of this tale?


You don't have to be a brain to be the boss - just an arsehole.



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