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Solar panel roof fixing


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Hello all, I am new to this site but not new to Motorhome camping etc. I am able to tackle diy tasks with good results and am not adverse to putting the odd hole into the roof of a camper. Care and caution always come first.

I am losing my beloved Benimar this week, trading it in for a nearly new van. If you see it, it may be the van for you, slightly worn but very reliable and competent. The new van does not have a solar panel on the roof, unlike the Benimar which is built in . Our trips away generally are family ones and weekends or long weekends and of course the 2 week summer week easter and October etc etc.

We very rarely use electricity and prefer temp hol homes weekend out and abouts etc. I know Cheapskates arn't we.

Anyway I would like to put a solar panel on the roof of our new van, we never ever had a problem running out of battery in our old van and believe this to be the way forward.

Freestanding seem to be the easy option but I wonder if people can point me in the direction of how to, for the roof option.

Many thanks. This site has been so useful, keep it coming.



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Hi Benimar, a long time ago before flexable solar panels were common place, I fitted the old glass ones on the roof by making an aluminium frame to hold them. Good DIY shops have a good selection of shaped aluminium strips. By using an ali frame you can ensure leaving a gap between roof and panel to stop over heating in hot weather.
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