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Bit of a vague post about primary school POI's


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Wasn't at all sure where to stick this post so thought here would be ok as I don't expect a good result.


I am presently trying to log all primary schools in Nottinghamshire that are within traveling distance of Edwinstowe which is not far from Mansfield.


Anyway, at the moment I have generated a list and I am slowly adding the co-ordinates to my pda/tomtom to make things easier as I plan to visit them all over the following week.


Finally, my question is:- Does anyone out there know of anywhere I can get hold of primary school POI's which will save me adding them all manually.





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If only you wanted them for North Somerset LEA I could have saved you the time as I created them two months ago.

I'm not sure where you are getting your schools from but the links below may help:-



I'm not aware that any lists exist, there just seems to be the odd few here and there which people have created for their own uses.

I created a list in Excel then used the excellent FREE POIConvert (http://benichougps.blogspot.com) then went into [Editor], typed in the Post Code, switched to satellite view, zoomed in and dragged the pointer to the school gates (as the post code is usually several building away).  Its then a simple case of copyying and pasting the co-ordinates into Excel before converting it into a POI.

My format looks like the diagram.

Notice that I have also added their telephone number so that when I click onto the POI it also gives me their number to make an appointment.

Hope this helps



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