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Hospitals as POI


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We have the Pioneer Avic we don't really use the POI's can we up load POI's to it or would we have to do it manually off the street address.


Would we have to go and buy a Tom Tom to allow this to happen .

Anyone out here know how we would be able to collect a list of the hospital in France and any help with uploading them .

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I've managed to track down the attached which contains 92 references.  I had a quick check and most seem reasonably accurate.

The format below is in TomTom .OV2 format plus map icon .BMP.  I've also converted it into a .CSV format so you can see the co-ordinates in Excel and a version which runs in AutoRoute 2007 (you'll need to unzip it as I've needed to compress it) so you can see them on your laptop.

Hope this helps.

French Hospitals.zip

Hospitals, France.bmp

Hospitals, France.ov2

Hospitals, France.csv

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Tom Tom hospitals etc: After about a month of intermittent discussion with Tom Tom via their helpline I have now got my new Europe map and Laptop to work together, just like last year.

The new map gives a [new to me] "Help Me" section which has several useful features such as "Where Am I?" which details the information you can give to someone looking for you and your broken down vehicle.

There are also sections showing the nearest garage, hospital, dentist, public transport, pharmacy, police station and doctor and route to them both walking and driving. It looks good, but as neither my doctor nor my dentist nor the nearest police station are included I wonder about the accuracy of the information.

However in a foreign land any information is probably better than none.




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My thoughts are, not all hospitals cater for emergencies, as in trauma, and it could become missleading if that is what was being sought. And don't overlook the hospitals with specific care in mind, such as psychiatric clinics, which would not be at all suitable for ailments and illnesses, other than psychiatric ones, to be treated.

Just as UK A&E's are reducing in number, French Hospitals vary enormously in the degree of available expertise.

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If it is an emergency then the following telephone numbers are used:


Ambulance - 15


Fire Brigade - 18


Police - 17


Emergency from a Mobile - 112 (any service)


We do not have Paramedics as in UK, the Fire Brigade has specially trained Paramedics. So if you are on your mobile dial 112 (International Emergency number) and you will get the same service as 999 in the UK (maybe a bit quicker).


When the Paramedics attend they will then take you to the nearest A & E Department.


Don't worry the service is excellent.

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