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Cost of exhaust for Peugeot based motorhome


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When I was preparing my vehicle for sale I found that the last 75cm of tail pipe had a hole in it. After many phone calls I was unable to find a seller of this piece of exhaust. Eventually I did an internet search for exhaust suppliers and prices.


I found the following business:



I had found a complete rear system for About £50 delivered but they offered one with a two year guarantee for £92 delivered so I ordered it from them.


It arrived as promised and it took about an hour to fit.


I needed three replacement bolts as the old ones were rusted beyond use and used an angle grinder to cut them off. I also got my son to hold the new system in place while I secured it.


The system is an amazing arrangement of pipes and silencers all welded together in one.


As it all went so well at such a reasonable cost I am very pleased and thought other folk might go the same route rather than pay an exhaust centre much much more and possibly only get a one year guarantee.



By the waythe vehicle has such good ground clearance that I did not even have to jack it up.

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