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Hull to Zeebrugge ferry

Don Madge

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On our last trip we parked near the kennels on the lower car deck, dogs seemed quite happy when they came out - [we were sat waiting for ages for some reason - and saw several animals collected - all seemed ok.

we also chatted to a couple in Zeebrugge while waiting for the ferry - they said that their dog was ok with the trip


I think there is a paragraph somewhere on the P&O website about it




ps burp ;-)

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Hi Don

we have done the Hull Zebrugge trip twice with the dog and had no problems.They gave me the choice of kennel or leaving him in the motorhome. We chose to leave him in the Motorhome as he is more familiar with it and it gives more freedom of movement. We asked the purser if we could visit him at around midnight and was escorted by one of the security men to the vehicle deck.

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