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Your favourite roads for towing...


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Hi all - have you got a favourite road for towing? One that winds through scenery that takes your breath away or simply stands out from the rest?


We're keen to hear caravanners' choices for forthcoming caravan magazine articles.


Feel free to post your thoughts on this forum but ideally you'll also email Sally Pepper (at sallyp@warnersgroup.co.uk) with between 20 and 40 words explaining your choice.


Please also include your full name, town from, caravan year, make and model in your email.


Look forward to hearing your suggestions...

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The A303 from Salisbury to Exeter then it is a tie between the A30 down the spine of the SW or the A38 south down to Plymouth.


We generally use the A30 when touring the SW and the A38 if we are getting on the Plymouth Santander ferry.


These are my favourites but to be fair - any journey gets that excitement going of the prospect of a bit of an adventure.


Even the M1 can be enjoyable if you are looking forward to an event like the Land Rover show at Billing.


But overall it has to be the A303 - good bits of dual carriageway as well as passing places where us tuggers can pull over and let all those poor sods who are working get past us.


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