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T5 chaos great for UK tourism?


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Ummm......he's actually not a "Leading MP" at all.


He's only a Backbencher.


Thus he's a Constituency MP only, and not a Senior or Junior Minister or indeed any other type of member of the Labour Government.


He's also not exactly hugely clued-up on how international Travel economics actually really functions either, is he.


T5 is a BA monopoly. Established by his bosses: the Labour Government.

All other terminals at Heathrow, and indeed Gatwick, are totally unaffected by the T5 fiasco.

All airlines other than BA are not affected.

The about-to-begin "Open Skies" agreement between the USA and the EU will open up many many more transatlantic routes from airports other than Heathrow.

The huge, massive, overwhelming majority of those people who chooe to go abroad on holiday will never use T5 anyway because:

A. It's long haul, and most don't go long-haul.

B. It'll be cheaper and easier for almost everyone in the UK to fly short-haul with one of the myriad other cheaper carriers rather than premium-priced BA, from an airport other than Heathrow.


Add to the mix that people go abroad on holiday because it is so much cheaper than spending chunks of leisure time in the UK, and the weather is so much better.


Why oh why do such minor, backbench Constituency MP's continue to repeatedly elbow their way onto the debating podium, only to illustrate with such stunning effect to us just how little they have actually grasped about the topic they are pontificating upon; and how wrong their "analysis" is.






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I must confess to thinking how glad I am that we have left all that buggering about at airports behind us now when we go on holiday when I saw the chaos at T5.


But I agree with Bruce - T5 is a BA only Terminal so will hardly affect anyone on a package holiday.


And what is more - having used just a few other airlines in my time - I have no desire EVER to use BA again. To my mind BA stands for Bloody Awful.


Other carriers are far less expensive and give better service.



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Never been on a plane, only ever been to an airport (local) to drop off or collect family.


I'd recorded a TV programme the other day about the building of T5 and the wonderful baggage handling system they'd constructed, I watched the end of it on lunchtime the other day (I didn't know it was their offical opening day at the time). I'd just got to the end of it and turned off the video and the TV was set to the news ... lo and behold the headline was about the chaos caused by the baggage system! What a hoot!!!!! After just hearing them all extolling the virtues of the new system to then be confrunted by the chaos it was causing was brill!!! Not had such a good giggle in along time.


Seriously though, I do feel sorry for all the poor s*ds who work there who are having to deal with the aftermath of the mess.

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