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mastercard/maestro card?


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ime - Germany is not well disposed towards credit and plastic cards in general, we usually keep a bigger stock of cash when we are there than we would otherwise do - risky of course - but there was no shortage of ATMs



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So far as our own experience goes, living here in Spain and travelling around a lot withing the country, certainly everybody seems to take Visa (which is what I use if I don't pay in cash).

All big shops and supermarkets, all petrol stations, most restaurants, even the tolls.

I assume therefore that they'll all take Mastercard as well, as it's the other "Big" card.


Plastic money is very big over here nowadays, but you will need to show your passport as well in most places if you want to use a card; and also remember chip & pin number in many of them nowadays too.


NB: They really don't use/like cheques over here at all; it's cash or plastic.



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