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Duetto, Symbol or something else


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Hello all


I am looking to buy a good quality high top. We looked at a Symbol today but the storage seemed a bit limited particularly the high level cupboards. As I remember the Duetto is better - am I right? (We are looking at models up to 4 years old.)


Is there anything else I should look at? Whatever it is it must be good quality and have a comfortable bed! Any suggestions gratefully received.



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Hi Martin and welcome to the madhouse we call the forum. Please feel at home to chip in at all times and don't worry about what anyone else thinks as some will always agree and some will never agree!


I have owned both a Symbol and Nuevo in the past and if the slightly larger size is not an issue for you in my view the Nuevo is a far more practical van to live in and with than the Symbol.


There is so much more room to move, storage, loo space, kitchen etc and the bed(s) is/are much easier to make (a real issue when you are tired!) and again in my experience the on the road performance and running costs were so similar as to not be worth worrying about.


Horses for courses and both vans are good at what they do - but only as long as what they do is what you want them to do - I think!


I am not sure but the Duetto may be a wee bit bigger than the Symbol but the Ford engine in the older Duettos is more agricultural than the modern HDIs of the Peugeot of a similar year - but in turn not quite as agricultural as the older 2.5 diesels of the older Peugeots.


But these are just my personal views - others will probably differ!

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Hi Robin


We are in the process of finding a suitable hightop to pull our family caravan and have also looked at Symbol/Duetto.


My first motorhome was a Symbol and it worked well. The Duetto is narrower and this tells particularly at head height where it seems to be even narower!


If you are not too worried about overall length the Murvi Morello is a fantastic multi use vehicle but the prices are just a little outside our reach at the moment.


Good luck with the hunt.


Regards, David

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I have a1999 Duetto that I want to sell as we are leaving the country for a couple of years!

77000 miles

2.4 diesel manual

Regularly serviced. Last one March 2008.

No smoking/pets

12 months MOT, 6 months tax

Usual Duetto features.

Extras: bike rack, silverscreens, fiamma box, awning.

Will be advertising on this site soon.


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