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Anyone For Park & Ride Edinburgh Or Anywhere ?


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Dear Motorhomers,


This is an answer to Cattwq on my thread of the subject above.

It may alarm some of you's, many comments are expected, but its out in the open to the truth.

I enquired at Sheriffhall Park and ride on south side of Edinburgh to the question, are you allowed to sleep overnight in your Motorhome.

Answer not instant but the answer coming tomorrow is expected.

As long as your Motorhome fits in the parking bay you can park 24 hrs.

As too sleep in it, ammm, will need to phone head office. Insurance to site was mentioned. Any damage to your Motorhome your responsibility.

Now, I say, now I went to Tesco nearby at Eskbank as I've read about a few Motorhomers staying on their sites overnight.

The answer is "NO" overnight sleeping on Tesco land as it enfringes on planning regulations and people living close by, may report them as having an illegal site.

Now at Police station I enquired about sleeping overnight in Motorhome and answer was: Sheriffhall Park & Ride belongs to Midlothian Council so we will only ask the Motorhomers to move on if Council instructs us as it is on private land.

Now as too the Tesco car parks you could maybe ask and get permission.

As too the park & Ride, Council not open at night, get what I'm meaning, and I reckon thats how some people are using them.

I told them I was enquiring because this question effects Britain as a whole. Both sites had never been asked it before and couldn't give me a quick answer.

For your information, I passed Penicuik Tesco store on Sunday and there was 4 Motorhomes parked in there. Mybe just shoping I suppose.


Sorry about putting my foot in it again,

Blame Cattwq, yes he's nasty,


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Dear Motorhomers,

Well regarding "Tracker's", let us know. The answer which I received this morning of 8th April to the question are Motorhomers allowed to sleep in their vans overnight on Park & Ride concorse at Sheriffhall, which I had to ask twice and was unexpected was a, "YES", as long as they park within the parking bays, 24hrs duration.

That has come from their head man and is in their rules and regulations which I didn't see however, but, "YES".

"But it may change in future", he exclaimed.

"So don't missuse site", I say.


Nice One,


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gordonaldson - 2008-04-07 6:18 PM


........Cattwq, yes he's nasty,.....



Oh no I'm not! :-D

Thank you for going to all that trouble to answer my query. And a positive result! Excellent.

Regards Cattwg :-)

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