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Serious tyre damage riding the kerb.


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The comments here could have been added to a previous thread, but with a bit of luck this may find more readers.


Go to http://www.whatvan.co.uk/newvans_s.asp?id=5274...and read the details, particularly further down the column.


They are stating I believe that all those who drive up the kerb to park (so called) off road are seriously damaging their tyres, and this could be hundreds of times each year!!!


Fortunately I never do this even with smaller vehicles, I'll park in the road every time.




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Libby (you do seem to have a lot of forum noms de plume!):


If you are referring to the sentence in the article "After all its not unknown for a van driver to run a tyre against a high kerb or even mount the pavement.", then I'm sure this was written with tongue very firmly in cheek. (After all, this article is aimed at van drivers!!)


While it's plainly not to going to improve a tyre's condition accidentally scraping it at speed along a kerb or traffic-calming road-divider, nor is driving vehicles over kerbs when parking be recommended, both scenarios are commonplace and that's why tyre design (particularly 'commercial vehicle' tyre design) includes a robust side-wall.


If you've never needed to mount a kerb during your long driving career, then you've been amazingly fortunate. Personally, I actively try not to 'kerb' tyres, but I can recall several occasions when I've had no option other than to do so. (Like in France last March to pass a car-transporter unloading vehicles in the middle of a small village.) I would have thought most drivers will have been placed in a similar position at some time in their life and will accept the inevitability of having to mount the kerb CAREFULLY to avoid an obstacle.

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