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Expensive toll round Antwerp


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I thought it may be useful to post our experience of being charged what I consider to be a rather excessive toll to use the Liefkenshoektunnel around Antwerp, and save some other unsuspecting souls the experience. We spent a few weeks in Holland but crossed via Eurotunnel as OH doesn't like ferries and so we travelled through Belgium, and had a few days in Bruges as well.


ON the way up to Holland we went via the Kennedy tunnel, which is toll-free. However, on the return journey we travelled via the Liefkenshoektunnel, which is the WEST side of Antwerp, as we had been staying in the south-west of Holland and that way saved going round Antwerp all the way. Last time we did this, it cost 5 Euros.


Imagine our horror when confronted with a charge of 17 Euros!! We couldn't believe it. It appears that the rules have changed on the 1st of January this year, and vehicles are now charged on height. The cut-off being 2.75 metres in height.


Therefore, a motorhome pays the same as a huge lorry with a trailer, unless of course it is less than 2.75 metres, which some are, I know. There are only 2 charges, one for under 2.75 metres, which is still 5 Euros, and one for over that.


The problem was that nowhere we saw any signs informing motorists of the charges, all it tells you on the road signs is that there is a TOL. The problem with going south is that by the time you reach the paybooth, there is no going back as you have already been through the tunnel. Very sharp practice, at least on the M6 toll road it tells you what you are being ripped off for.


I don't think that 17 Euros is worth the half hour or so you may save, that's about £13.50! Mind you, Antwerp is a nightmare to go round whichever way you go, when we re-joined the motorway travelling to Gent, after just paying the said 17 Euros, we got stuck in a traffic jam anyway.......



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