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Fiat. My thoughts for the day.


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I’m saddened by corporate industries who continue in trade and ignore the views of their consumers.


During the early part of this Fiat fiasco I blatantly stated that I would never consider a Fiat based vehicle of any type even worthy of the slightest consideration to own.


When selecting a vehicle one has the option to peruse the second hand market, therein perhaps lies a clue to choosing a base vehicle which does not appear in the ‘for sale’ columns too often.


My views do not change. There are no doubt several serious issues with many Fiat based vehicles that almost cannot ever be resolved by Fiat or anyone else.


My working base was aircraft engineering and not road transport, however I have a thought.


Can the engine/clutch/gearbox mountings be substantially improved by an outside manufacturer fitting a strengthening feature?


I believe Fiat cannot find an answer that is viable. It would entail almost every recent production based Fiat to be recalled for major work.


Is this why they are moving into the auto transmission field one asks?


Perhaps our mysterious business executive who suddenly appeared and has since gone to ground has a comment.





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Only trouble with the head buried in sand syndrome is it provokes exposed bum syndrome and sooner or later the folk with buried heads might find their bums severely kicked.
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Whilst it is only fitting that in this motorhome section Fiat et.al. should get stick over the problems, in the wider motoring world others are affected, in last few days I've spoken to three people who have had clutch/flywheel failure due to Dual Mass flywheels these where on MB Vito, Disco, and Freelander, also Ford mondeo's are having problems
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