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Lineppe motorcycle rack or similar

myland rose

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I have a Lineppe m/c rack fitted inside my garage. It works very well for my set-up. I carry a Honda Innova 125 cc moped. The gas struts 'assist' but do not relieve you of all the gruntwork of returning the bike to the garage.

I 'drive' my moped onto the ramp and found that the rear wheel, even if only slightly damp, skids on the smooth aluminium base. I modified this by sticking strips of 3M non-slip tape, bought from my local chandlers, onto the surface. At 20 quid a roll (2 rolls) this was an expensive mod! (BTW I recently bought 2 more rolls of exactly the same stuff on a visit to the USA for $7.00 [£4.00] a roll!!)


I looked at various other racks, some powered but decided on the Lineppe and am not disappointed. It's not 100% perfect but it does the job it's inteded to.


My rack was supplied and fitted by Southdowns, the Concorde dealer in Portsmouth. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them.

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