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colin weston

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I bought my Peugeot based Autocruise Starburst, 2.2 litre 120 hp 6 speed, last June. GVW 3500 kg with Alco chassis. Overall I have been very pleased with it and the new Peugeot Boxer has some significant improvements over the previous Boxer model. It was almost by accident that I found out about the underbonnet water ingress problem and it was primarily by visiting this forum that I found out that I am too suffering the juddering problem.

I even experience a slight judder when I reverse into my drive which is only some 5 inches higher than the roadway. However, today I went to a 1 in 5 hill and reversed using my 50 years experience of driving many types of vehicles. In order to develop sufficient torque to hold the vehicle on the hill and allow release of the handbrake I needed some 1500 rpm. The vehicle reversed but only with a bad judder. I stopped after a few yards. I tried again with lower revs which only resulted in an engine stall. A further reverse using 1500 rpm gave a similar result to the first. As a retired mechanical engineer I would would like to venture the opinion that the clutch is not at fault. If the clutch was not up to the job would this not also show up when driving up a steep hill in first gear. I am inclined to think that the problem is more likely to be the engine mounting system. I will try and get some views from my retired automotive engineering colleagues and report back.

Like Andy Stothert, I also like visiting mountainous areas and the need to reverse on a mountain pass is always a possibility and no one wants to encounter any sort of failure in this type of location.

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davenewell@home - 2008-04-16 9:47 PM


Would this not have been better posted on one of the existing threads about juddering Fiats though ?



Seconded, could you copy and paste to one of the three threads, largest would be best, and we let this one drop?

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