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Autocruise Gleneagle


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My wife Janet and I were flattered to be invited to join the panel of judges for the Caravan Industry Awards at the NEC. The Autocruise Gleneagle was on of the vehicles on our list. Our given subject was Motorhome Kitchens.


Out scores and notes are attached.


Good luck with your decision.



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In my opinion most Autocruises have the best kitchens of all. I found Clive's marking very interesting. I'd like to see his and Janet's marking for some of the motorhomes that have *no* drainingboard and *no* useable worktop (lol)


Those removable lids on some of the Autocruises did concern me too: not so much where to put them when using the kitchen; but how likely are they to stay put in an emergency stop!


I think I'd fit legs and use them as occasional tables ;-)



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