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VW Karmann Colorado


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hi - new to this Forum but does anyone own/ has owned a Karmann Colerado VW t4 2.5 TDi ? I will be very grateful for any information on this motorhome as we are thinking of buying one in Germany.

Looking forward to some feedback, as I know there are alot of people on here with a wealth of knowledge & experience.




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Hi eleqancia

probably not allowed to mention this on this forum, but here goes Practical motorhome did a longish article about a Karman Mobil in March 07. it was on the T5 VW , but it might be of some help to you.

As I understand it Karmann Mobils are made by Eura Mobil, who have a reputation for building motorhomes as solid as brick outhouses.

All the best


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I've got an August 2004 Karmann-Mobil brochure for the Colorado range and the vehicles were then being built on a VW T5 base, with wide-track Al-Ko rear chassis to circumvent the rather roly-poly cornering antics of the standard VW chassis when used on a coachbuilt motorhome. (Karmann-Mobil re-use model names, so it's quite possible there are earlier T4-based Colorados.)


Anyway, the 2004 brochure indicated that the T5-based Colorado had 4 over-cab variants (C-550, C-600, C-650 and C-660) ranging in length from 5.68m to 6.75m, plus 4 low-profile 'TI' models (C-625, C-655, C-665 and C-675).


Colorados were (are) very 'swish', with convex GRP exterior side-walls and lots of designer touches inside (coloured glass panels, curvy furniture, etc.) Karmann-Mobil was indeed owned by Eura Mobil and, in February 2005, both companies became part of the vast French Trigano group. In fact, when I looked over a Colorado at a UK motorhome show, I noted that its lightweight body construction and interior appearance seemed quite similar to Eura Mobil's contemporary Profila range. Colorado was considerably more expensive than Profila, though, with UK prices (according to March 2005's Which Motorcaravan) from around £41K to £45K for basic models with the VW 1.9TD motor.


Karmann-Mobil motorhomes targeted the de luxe end of the market and a Colorado should be a sensible buy if you can get one in good condition at the right price.


Karmann-Mobil's UK agency is


Geoff Cox

122 Derby Road





Tel: 01332 781562

Fax: 01332 781451

Website: www.geoffcox.co.uk

email: sales@geoffcox.co.uk

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Derek, thanks for that information.


We are looking to get one on a T4

about 2002/2003. We are off to germany in early june so we would like to get as much information as poss. we have spotted a few on the web to wet our appetites. the build quality does seem good and the vw unit is a plus in our books.


The actual model that we have been looking at is karmann colorado edition

at about 28,000 euros.




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Three quick things:


1. With the pound at about 1.22 to 1.26 savings on buying abroad are currently tiny and will reain so until UK dealers have to restock at 1.22.


2. I am not aware of any dealer currently importing Karmanns. If this is indeed the case, be aware that you may have difficulty selling it - especially if LHD - in the UK when you come to do so.


3. Karmann are indeed part of Euramobil but have always been separate and have an excellent reputation. Euramobil is now part of the huge French Trigano Group (Chausson, Challenger, Autostar, Benimar, Roller Team, CI, etc., etc.). They are nearing completion of a new motorhome factory in Poland where many of their makes/brands will be built - it will have ann ultimate capacity in excess of 50,000 vehicles a year!


Mel E


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david1959 - 2008-04-30 11:24 AM


Hi we have the above 1999 left hand drive had it for about 2 1/2 yrs absolutely no problems , it is our first mhome , but have travelled around england a fair bit motorways country lanes etc, good size for the 2 of us we love it david


Hi David - thanks for reply and would be grateful if you can tell us if you use the alcove for sleeping or just for storage. We live in East Sussex and would love the opportunity to see a Colorado in the flesh! Are you in travelling distance and would you be willing to let us have a quick look ?


Everything we've seen and read about the motorhome fits our requirements, there are just the two of us and we don't want a large motorhome.


Look forward to hearing from you


Pete & Lorraine

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Just looking at a karmann colorado 200 reg can I ask roughly what mpg you are getting roughly.

I really like the looks of it the only thing that I am concerened about is the lack of cupboard space in the kitchen and two rings to cook on. I don't see a left hand drive to much of a problem any veiws or advice would be much appreciated

many thanks wendy

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hi wendy

we,ve had our colorado for about 4 months now, we love it.

mileage we reckon is between 28-34 mpg. We find that we have more than enough storage for the two of us and as for the cooking we manage

quite well. the build quality is excellent and everything has worked as it should.

We,ve had quite a few trips in it and everywhere we go we get loads of interest and visits from other motorhome owners and even tuggers mostly

surprised by the amount of space the rear lounge gives.

Ours is a 1998 model having done 40000 miles.

hope this helps and if you need any more info please ask.



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