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Next Christmas and New Year, where should we go?

Paul M

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This coming Christmas and New Year we are looking for some where to visit and enjoy the festive season. We would like to see the sun and good weather. Are there any rallies we should join in or are there any parts of Europe that celebrate the feative seasonand we could join in?




(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

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Dear Colin,

Wow wow boys its only April and you's are giving us tantalising glimpses, if thats the right word, into things nice to do in winter.

Help, don't want to think of wonderful things to do at end of year just yet, sun, warmer, walking in shirt and shorts, beach, Med.

Aaaaaah will be thinking of you as I look out through rain soaked windows, too cold to go out, frost, etc, etc...

Blast lets go --- and wash the dishes.


Sorry as I'm not retired as yet,


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