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I recently saw a new Homecar Motorhome based on a Ford Transit FWD 2.2 TD 5 speedbox with cruise control.


Late last year I read that the owners of Homecar and about 6 other motorhome and caravans manufacturers The Tirus group went bankrupt, one of their divisions Lunar was bought out by a management buy out.


What happened to Homecar did someone take them over,I ask because if the van I have seen and liked is from a company that no longer exists then there will be warranty problems and a lack of factory support with parts.

Anyone know what happened and any comment on Homecar as a product.

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I've occasionally wondered about this myself...


There's a comment on the Tirus Group's November 2007 announcement of bankruptcy on




but I can't find anything elsewhere about what's happened to Home-Car.


Home-Car's 'home' website (www.home-car.nl) appears to be dead and the habitual Home-Car adverts in French motorhome magazines were no longer being published when I visited France in March 2008.


There is a UK Home-Car website




but (although it deals with the most recent model ranges) I'm doubtful that it's actually current. The UK dealerships mentioned on the website advertise in MMM and I note that, in the May 2008 issue of that magazine, some continue to suggest in their adverts that they hold a Home-Car agency. The latest Campbells advert (pages 14/15 of MMM) says


"We have just taken delivery of a batch of brand new 07 models from Home-Car and Lunar, with incredible discounts. With many layouts to choose from, this opportunity will not last long."


and Campbell's website




also mentions sale of new fully-warranted Home-Car motorhomes.


I strongly suspect that the Home-Car manufacturing company itself is dead in the water, but if you contact Campbells they should be able to confirm what the present position is. (Might also be wise to touch base with the other dealerships shown on the Home-Car website to maximise the chances of you getting accurate advice!) Should you choose to buy a new Home-Car, you'd obviously need to pin down VERY firmly the warranty terms and conditions that are attached to it.


Lunar Champ motorhomes sold in the UK were essentially badge-engineered Home-Car models, though Home-Car-branded vehicles were also marketed in this country more recently. Lunar Champs had a less-than-glowing reputation when it came to build quality and (on the Continent) Home-Car models have tended to be aimed at the 'entry level' end of the motorhome marketplace. Lately, Home-Car seemed to be widening its scope, building more expensive (Fiat-, Ford- or Renault-based) vehicles, including (I believe) A-Class designs.


Perhaps the only unconventional feature of their motorhomes was the use by Home-Car of "AluFiber" for body panelling. Normal panel-sandwich construction involves a motorhome's outer skin being either aluminium or GRP 'sheet'. With AluFiber, the skin is a composite of a thin aluminium outer layer bonded to a thicker polyester inner layer. This is said to combine the merits of aluminium (smooth, shiny pre-painted outer surface) and GRP (better resistance to denting and hail-damage), but avoiding the weight penalty of GRP-sheet body-skinning. (Lunar Champs also had AluFiber body panels.)


When you do discover what's going on with Home-Car, would you please post your findings to this forum.

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