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winter tyres/summer tyres


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is it worth swapping back to the summer ones?


the reason i ask. We do about 8000 miles a year in the van. How much quicker do the winter ones wear at? Are they as safe in the summer etc?


If i keep swapping between summer/winter tyres, then it will take years and years to wear both sets down. I have read on here that tyres shouldn't be used for over a certain length of time?


There doesnt appear to be any difference in the road noise from them.


So, winter ones all the time and just replace them after 3 years or so of use...........how does that sound to you?



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I've not heard of people in the U.K. changing their motorhome tyres for winter / summer before, although I have heard of it in areas on the continent where they get more snow / ice.

Is this a common practice in this country ?

















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My van goes through the alps/high scotland every winter.


Winter tyres work better in temps below 7 degrees........but this means they wear more above that temp


winter tyres work better in the wet


I think these are the ones i got


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Most (all?) tyre companies produce 'winter' tyre ranges. Many of these have a specialised directional tread pattern (eg. Michelin's "Agilis Snow-Ice" ranges and Vredenstein's "Comtrac Winter"), though Continental's VancoWinter has a conventional non-directional tread. Vredenstein's "Comtrac Ice" van range even comes with studs pre-fitted.


GOOGLE will retrieve plenty of information on winter tyres, but here are a couple of links to be going on with:





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