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About sums up the state of the country I reckon - incomplete designs - nothing quite seems right - unbalanced look - no one quite sure what anything is meant to mean any more - government devoid of strategy to get us out of the pile of dog poo they created for us and incapable of finding a real a real policy to unite the country - another ploy to distract attention from their own mass incompetence.


A coin is a coin is a coin isn't it? Who really cares?


I bet this scheme is aimed at collectors world wide and the mint will make a mint selling pretty boxed sets at many times their face value and even more times their actual cost to help swell Gordon's shrinking coffers.


Nothing wrong with a bit of enterprise of course and if it helps get our 10p income tax rate back I hope it succeeds!


Cynical? Who me? Never!


Is this enough to bring my usual attackers out from under their stones I wonder?

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There's a chap we saw in France last year who won't be very happy. He uses the coins of various nations, especially the UK, to make jewellery out of. He uses a very very fine saw to cut our the designs and then makes them into necklaces etc. They take him ages to do and are really beautiful ... I was sorely tempted to get one last year but they were quite a price however once you've seen the amount of work that must go into them you can appreciate why.
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