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Radiator 'temporary' repair - be warned

Mel B

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A colleague of mine has a car which developed a leaking radiator, the AA duly came along and put in some of the sealing stuff out of a couple of packets, after which she was able to drive the car to a garage and get a replacement radiator put in. Fine and dandy? Nope! When the cooler weather started she wondered why her car interior wasn't getting very warm, upon inspection by the garage they found that the sealing stuff had got drawn into the heater matrix, which is quite rare but known about, but something which she hadn't been warned of before the AA chap put it in. She's now having to have the whole of the cooling system replaced!!! After a couple of months battle the AA have agreed to totally foot the bill for it's repair which she is happy about but if they'd warned her of this problem in the first place she'd have insisted on having the car recovered to the garage rather than have the stuff put in. So, if you have a faulty radiator I wouldn't recommend having this stuff put in unless there really isn't an alternative to get you on your way. It just proves that even the professionals can get it wrong sometimes!!!
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