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Clutch Claw & Full Metal Jacket


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Hi ya'll


Has anyone got, had, or is using a "Clutch Claw"?? Have seen them but just wonderd if any one had any info.


I've also been looking at the "Full Metal Jacket". This a device which looks like it fits over all the pedals (I think) unlike the Clutch Claw which only fits over the brake and the clutch pedal. Any one any info on these????


both the same price about £85



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Guest JudgeMental


I had a clutch claw many moons ago for a cherished VW Westphalia. The steel was so soft you could cut through it with a junior hack saw in minutes....


I complained and got an apology - nothing else *-)

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The clutch claw is marketed by Centinel, website is www.centinel.org.uk

I have one of their security posts and it is a very sturdy piece of kit. At the time I purchased mine they claimed that it had a 100% security record which is more than you can say for many so called security devices.

I have looked at the clutch claw and decided against getting one as it does not lock the accelerator and I'm sure a determined thief may be able to drive away using just the accelerator.




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