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Fiat Ducato Cruise Control

Don Madge

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I have a factory fitted Cruise Control on my 2003 Fiat Ducato 2.8jtd. Its done 55,000 miles and occasionally the C C reset button fails to reset the memorised speed.


The CC gets used a great deal and the reset button gets used the most. Has anybody had this problem?


I'm looking for facts not opinions and please don't hijack this thread and turn it into a Fiat bashing session.






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he! he! he! he! , is that why you have done 4 of them just so you can move onto another if one gets hijacked, very smart move LOL.


Just thought someone should tell you, not sure how you move them but I am sure you will.


Not a clue about cruise control either :-D



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Check your brake light switch is operating correctly - there are two contacts, one normally open and one normally closed, you need to check the one that is normally closed as this would inhibit the Speed control function if it was intermittently open circuit and was a common fault on earlier Ducatos of your model.

Another item worth checking is the left side side lights are operating correctly as I think it uses the same connection to transmit data to the speed control system.


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I have a retro fitted cruise control to my Fiat. A couple of months ago the cruise control kept "dropping out" and wouldn't reset.


I had the heater on and one of the vents was blowing hot air onto the c/c stalk. It became very hot to the touch and when the vent was

isolated, the stalk cooled off and the c/c returned to normal.


Also on my c/c, it doesn't reset the original speed if I turn it off manually, only if I depress the brake or clutch pedals.


A long shot I know, but could this be your problem Don ?




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