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Guest JudgeMental
Grouch - 2008-05-02 2:01 PM


Sorry to take up space but I am just trying to see if I can post here. For some reason I cannot do so at present on MHF


welcome to the forum! - stick around we need new blood :-D


and with a name like Grouch you will be in good company lol

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I think there have been a few problems recently.  I found additions to threads I had contributed to but hadn't received email confirmation that the threads had been updated.

Then, suddenly last night, I received a half dozen emails telling me those threads had been updated (albeit a few days earlier).

Anywho, seems to be working again now?


* * EDIT * *

I've just sent this and again got a "server error" message.  Looks like the server might be struggling under the load of the FIAT compliments (lol)

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