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Anyone with a Nuvi250W I need help


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If you have a Nuvi250W please can you give me some instructions for it. The booklet isn't very helpful. The Help section on it is a bit confusing too.


Just purchased a Nuvi250W and am finding it very frustrating.


Is it possible to make a route from anywhere other than my home base. With my old Garmin Quest I am able to set several different routes and save them for later use. I can't seem to do this with the Nuvi.


I have been trying to make a route to start from the ferry at Dieppe down to Chartres in France, but every time it starts from home.


I live on the Isle of Wight and am travelling from Newhaven, not Portsmouth, but I can't seem to put a via point in at Newhaven.


I am beginning to wonder if i should have just updated my Quest.


Any help would be great either by personal mail or on the forum.





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Hi Knaus

I also have a Nuvi250w.

I believe you can set a new location to start from as opposed to your current location.

To achieve this you must use the nuvi without acquiring satellites.

It appears that this can only be achieved by using the nuvi indoors and wait for the request from the nuvi to stop searching.

At this point you can view map and set and save a new start location,and then set your required destination.

There isn't a user guide so I can only say it works for me.


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