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tomtom ov2 files on campingcars.infos


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Just about to update my tt5 with the new ov2 files from ccinfos and I

find that there are now 9 files (with 9 bitmap files) where there used

to be only 4. Anybody know which correspond to the old layout, ie,

aires private, aires services, aires camping, aires stationment ?

I usually overwrite the 4 files twice a year.




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thanks w2g

I wonder were I was when this was discussed, a rally at Keswick I think!

What puzzles me is that the biggest file is the aires.ov2 which apparently is a text file and of no use to us.

And, if I download these files they will not overwrite the existing ones as they are not the same name although I expect the content to be almost the same.

Why couldn't they have left it how it was, I was ok with that.

I'm a bit reluctant to remove the old files just in case.

We're off to France this wednesday for 8 weeks. Not sure if left or right, but definetly south !



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