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IMPORTANT eBay password change email - IGNORE IT!

Mel B

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Just wanted to alert everyone that there is another phishing exercise going on for eBay accounts. I just got one saying I'd changed my email address and go click on the link if I HAD NOT done so, by hovering my mouse over the link and NOT clicking on it) I found that the link takes me to a webside called: www. suryasamudra.com/red, NOT ebay.


Whilst I'm fairly savvy at these things some of you may not be and the initial reaction would be one of horror that someone has been in your account, when you then click the link it will probably take you to what looks like an official eBay page asking you to re-do your password - DO NOT DO IT.


If you are every notified that your password has been changed, always go to the site in the normal way, ie by putting in the site's address manually and not from any email link, and then log in as normal. If you can get in as normal then it hasn't been changed and it was just a phishing exercise by some nasty people. This applies to any internet site you go to, not just eBay.


Mel B


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