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Waste tank valve

bob b

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Returning from my travels, I discovered that something had clouted my tank valve handle and snapped it off. Its not just the handle of course, but the spindle as well.


I've looked at the CAK Tanks web site, but the ones on offer differ quite a bit from the original fitting.


From previous experience, Rapido will only send spare parts to the Dealer ( Brownhills) that supplied the vehicle when new.


Anybody out there with a Rapido who can point me in the direction of a supplier ?




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Hi Bob

As Rapido's are manufactured on the continent I suspect that you may not be able to get like for like except through a Rapido Dealer.

Although those from CAK may be a different type, the important thing is the bore and I think anything of the same size should fit faily easily.

Also worthwhile tocheck out O'Leary's (Beverley) website.


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Thanks for your response John. As you say, the bore of the pipe won't be a problem. There is a bracket holding the mechanism in place which appears to be particular to the original fitting.


I could make a bracket to fit another waste gate I'm sure, but would ideally like to fit an original for ease really. I haven't taken it apart yet as I "lashed" something up to get me out of trouble.


Off to Exmoor tomorrow so I'll address the problem on my return.



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Bob b:


Assuming the exact valve fitted to your motorhome is still available (such parts often aren't kept on the factory-shelf in large quantities and it's quite possible Rapido currently employs a different design of valve), then I would have thought you should be able to source it via Wokingham Motorhomes




as this company is an 'official' UK Rapido importer.


(In fact, given Brownhills present situation, Rapido might well prefer to send a spare part to Wokingham Motorhomes!)


Personally, I think I'd opt for the CAK alternative, as at least I'd know what I'd be getting. As Rapido has chosen to fit a slide-type drain valve originally, replacement with a slightly different version should be pretty straightforward.

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As Wokingham Motorhomes quoted £36.00 for a replacement drain valve, I visited a plumbers merchants and bought a 28mm metal valve and some PVC tubing.


For an outlay of under £20.00, I replaced the original valve with a far stronger item & it fitted the bracket to boot !


Many thanks for your responses.



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