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dodge rebuild from van to motor home, links


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as soon as iv got the updates finished i will up lode the link there are in total about 50 pics to do and i do not know the soft were that my mate has put together, god iv only just got to grip's with the spell checker.lol.

brief history.

the van was used by the council of London when new ,as a mini bus then it was sold on to the red cross for use as a first aid support unit bus last saw use at the birthday cake (a group of circles on the road nicknamed as) at London palace on princess Diane's funeral

it was sold on to a member of the red cross and he began the breakdown of the van  ready for the converting, he has finished most of the out side  with new ally side resided the roof height and adding siltz windows total spend £4000 by him iv already put 3000 more to the total as I'm going very teky in side, with the likes of electric sliding tv from the bottom of a roof storage box over the cab, I'm also hoping to do something the same with the double bed i over the cab.

also revers cam and sensors and a built in gps with maps dvd head unit with two 7 inch screens and a 15 inch flat for the electric unit over the cab, two water heaters one being a heat exchanger and the other the same type as you will find in most old caravans as that is were its come from, fridge 5000 wots Genny if i can make a garage with out getting a hgv tag plate for my troubles as the laws have changed..

the list is long.

the van is over 25 years so you can see my concerns for not being turned away from camp sites.

it also has electric step a top of the range alarm sys with auto start on the key fob,  hope i don't leave it in gear'

as soon as we are dun with the loading of pics i will put up link..

the main place were al of the parts were obtained was C.A.K. catalogue order line 0844 414 2324 for tanks and parts electrics....

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yes there is lodes dun to much to list at the moment but im slowly geting there.

Shaun, look forward to seeing some pic's, You certainly have done a lot to it. Well Done you, One thing is for sure there isn't another one like it, I expect you get a lot of satisfaction, just seeing what you have done already, Ria.
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