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Re-plating - the nightmare


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Hi Folks

Have been watching the threads on re-plating and have taken advice from Don Madge and Rowan Lee, but now have a further problem, which I need help with! I give a list of the facts as I understand them:

Campervan CI Carioca

Revenue weight 3500kg


Inside the bonnet in the normal place Fiat autoplates show:



In the doorwell, Caravan International Plate shows:



When I cross the English Channel (that's what I call it and always will), which of the weights will the gendarmes accept:

the Fiat weight in the bonnet, or

the Caravan International weight


I was looking to upgrade to around about 3500kg, but to save any hassle will settle for 3400kg.


Your advice will be gratefully accepted.


Regards, Alan

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Guest JudgeMental

Is this your van the CI Carioca 5? what does the V5 say?


Base Vehicle Fiat (15 LWB) 2.0 JTD

Authorised Seats 6

Berths 6

Authorised Unladen Weight Kg 2790*

Authorised Maximum Weight Kg 3400

Maximum Width mm 2220

Maximum Length mm 6540

External Height mm 2990

Internal Height mm 1990

Authorised Towing Weight Kg 1200


If this is it, as you say looks like 3400kg. You can call SVtech and ask their advice. BUT what exactly is your nightmare?........ if you are struggling with capacity at 3400kg it will be the limitations of rear axle capacity that will defeat you*-)


you need to let us know what the plate reads, there are 4 figures. including axle capacities.


I would think it is near enough impossible to carry six and all their stuff within 3400kg



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In your case it will be the CI data-plate that is dominant.


The reason for the 3200kg/3400kg variation will be because the motorhome's Fiat chassis starts out in life with a 3200kg overall weight-limit that then gets upgraded to 3400kg when the vehicle is fitted with Fiat's 'Camping-car Package' (modified suspension, tougher tyres, etc.) as part of its conversion to a motorcaravan.


As long as your motorhome doesn't exceed the overall and axle weight limits shown on the CI plate, then you should have no fear of the French police's attitude in the unlikely event of your vehicle being weight-checked in France.

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Mel E - 2008-05-13 12:50 PM




No nightmare! As Derek says, it is the 3400 which rules. But do make sure that this is what is on you V5 because this is what the Gendarmes, etc., will want to see.


Mel E



Hi Mel,


Not all V5C's show the vehicle weights.



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Hi All

Thanks Derek, Mele and Don - great advice. The nightmare, Judge was that I was going to have to spend my £200 heating allowance on re-plating. It now seems everything is okay.

Thanks to this great Forum, yet another problem solved.

But, don't worry, I'll no doubt come up with a new problem any time now!

One of these days, I hope I'll be able to solve someone else's problems.




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Mel E - 2008-05-13 7:05 PM




I know - so get it added. Especially if you are visiting Austria where the assumption for m'way tolls seems to be you're over 3500 unless you can prove otherwise!


Mel E





Why bother the info is on the vin plate. Not many panel van conversion over 3500 kg anyway.



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